Recreating Gandhi for 21st century’s Nation Building Agenda


By Govind Singh Khashia

Shimla (July 31)-To re-image and co-create the dialogue of nation building and prepare an actionable agenda based on the spirit of 18 point constructive programme set by Mahatma Gandhi 73 years ago, India Political Action Committee (I-PAC) has launched a programme of reaching millions of people across the country.

Reminding the nation about the 150th year of Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary, the spokesman of the I-PAC Arun Bhaskar said, “We want to revive the conversation initiated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1945 to set the priorities of nation building for independent India. Gandhi had then asked the readers to be participative in the nation building programmes, thus, adding their new opinion to these development priories.”

India Political Action Committee (I-PAC) is a platform of choice for educated youth and young professionals who want to participate in the Indian Political system and contribute meaningfully in setting the agenda for the incoming government.

I-PAC has brought together over thousands of people through its National Agenda Forum (NAF), a pan India Initiative to revive the conversation around Gandhi’s 18 point constructive programme. NAF was launched a month ago to mobilize the people on 4 key action points- sharing the vision by awaking the people about Gandhi’s 18 point constructive programme, setting the actionable agenda by recreating the programmes for contemporary India, choosing the leader for the agenda and help the chosen leader during the upcoming election in 2019.

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